Shee and Jacks!!

Okay so the best and most awesome part of my week was most definitely that I got a new companion (of course I love my old companion... just for clarification) and she is American! And I LOVE HER. So she was totally one of the sisters I knew in the MTC and was one of my new sisters when I was coordinating sister in the MTC. I lover Sister Sheehan. We got along awesome and we have probably more fun than we should together and I love it. Of course you all know now that I am staying in Victorias for another transfer, but I'm totally fine with it. Obviously Heavenly Father has a plan for me that I just don't totally understand, and that is okay. I have things to do in this area and possibly for this companion that I need to be here for. So I'm just happy that Heavenly Father knows me best and I'm just trusting him. So happy day!

The other awesome news that was probably just as good as my new companion is that we had a baptism on Saturday! Yeah, it was awesome. And our recent convert Jeannette gave one of the talks and her husband, who has only been a member for a few weeks (but has already blessed the sacrament and paid his tithing) baptized Sister Myrna. It was so awesome. They are great fellowshippers and we are so grateful for them. The baptism was great and Sister Myrna was so happy. She had a wonderful experience. On Sunday she was confirmed and now she is a member! We have had some really great baptisms in this area. So of course I'm happy to be here. There are more people to find that are elect and ready!

So we had some crazy experiences this week. We were walking to an area that we wanted to go work in that day. We didn't have any specific appointments and were just going to try and find and also contact some less-actives. Well it's typhoon season here in the Philippines and so we have been having lots of storms. It started raining a little bit... then it started coming down like crazy. So we stopped to wait it out under this little overhang. Well we saw some kids playing volleyball in the street, in the rain. Well... I love Volleyball, and so does Sister Sheehan and so we joined the game! It was so much fun! We had such a great time playing with those kids. They loved it and were SOOOO cute. Then of course, with two white girls playing volleyball in the street, the entire neighborhood came outside to watch/video/take pictures of us... hahaha. I can only imagine what is all over Facebook now... haha. But we had a blast and I got a contact out of it, so it was worth it. We were a little damp for the rest of that day, but it was awesome.

Then the other day we were riding home on a tricycle to our house. I was backriding so I was talking to the trike driver. We were just talking about the weather. Then he starts telling me that is wife and his kids were baptized into the Mormon church. Everyone always wants to tell us how they are connected to the Mormons. So I was just asking their names when we got to the house. As I stepped off the back of the motorcycle the driver suddenly says something to me that I didn't quite hear, or at least I wasn't sure if I heard correctly. So I asked a clarifying question... Yeah, he definitely told me that his wife had run off to Manila with a guy and that if he ever saw her again he was going to kill her. He said it cool as a cucumber. I was shocked. So I tried to understand the situation a little better and then proceeded to get all missionary on him and tell him about how we are children of God and that if he kills another person then he would be committing a great sin. He said "I know sis, but I can't let it go, if I see her I will kill her". Then I told him that if he did that he would lose his soul. He laughed... Yeah... That was a weird experience. I tried to help him see that wasn't the best reaction to his anger, but ya know, he was pretty much already set. So we made a goal right there and then to try to avoid that tricycle driver ever again... yeah... Welcome to the Philippines... crazies everywhere!

So yeah, it's been a great week. Sister Sheehan had some stomach problems this week, so our work was a bit limited, but we had great fun getting to know each other better, so I was grateful for that. Anyway, I'm doing great. I love my mission. I always say that, but it's so true! Hope you're all doing awesome!

Sister Jackson


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