A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well hello there one and all!

So this week was what I will refer to as recovery week... Yeah, the doctor told Sister Sheehan just "moderate activity" and she wasn't really feeling totally up to snuff so we still had a lot of rest this week. But that's okay, we just got to spend even more time becoming best friends and now we are a ridiculous companionship. Honestly, we may be too close. I don't think President will be letting us stay together for another transfer because we are both ridiculously buang (that's crazy here in the Pines). Anyway, I love my companion. period.

We did, despite our homeboundness have some way good experiences this week. So when I was with Sister Legayo we started teaching a family. Well I had only really taught the mom and dad. But when Shee and I were able to go back we actually ended up being able to teach their entire family which meant 2 parents and 3 kids that are old enough to be baptized. I've never actually had a whole family that I have been teaching at the same time. It's awesome. And they are awesome. Brother Pastrana cries almost every time he prays because the spirit is so strong. The last couple of times his wife cried too. Their kids just hang on every word we teach them. They are SOOOO elect and awesome. And then of course because they are so awesome they came to church! Not all the kids made it, but brother and sister were there with their daughter and they had a great time. And because Heavenly Father is awesome and is in control He definitely made it even more awesome. Remember how they just happen to know A TON of people at church and Sister Pastrana happens to be really good friends with Sister Jeannette, our recent convert and stellar fellowshipper?!?!?! It was SOOOO amazing. And of course because she is so awesome, Jeannette sits down next to them and immediately starts bearing testimony about how she knows the church is true and how important her baptism was to her!!! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!! Seriously, these are the most amazing miracles. They may seem so insignificant, but those are the things that we are desperately praying for every single day. So all in all... it was a pretty good week. Oh and yeah, we extended baptism to the whole family and they accepted... Hallelujah!

Well folks, I think that's probably about it for now. I know that I should probably have more to tell you, but time is short today. We have sisters conference today until wednesday and we are WAY excited. I get to hang out with all my favorite sisters, have tons of ridiculous fun and get awesome training from the most inspired mission president known to man. It's going to be a great week! Love you all! Stay classy!

Sister Jackson


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