Broken Bathrooms and Back to the Hospital

Well, let me just say that it was an eventful week.

So my companion has still been way sick. We texted our mission mom about it, she gave some advice, S. Sheehan followed it and started to feel better, then this last Saturday she had a way hard night with LBM and then all morning. So we had to go the doctor. We were on our way and I kept asking her how she was feeling, if she felt like she might barf (the buses here are really more like a roller coaster than transportation). She kept saying she was fine. I asked her if she just wanted to get off early and take a taxi to the doctor because it would be an easier ride. She said she'd be fine. Then we got to one of the stops and I saw her grab her mouth and her face went white. Well I could tell what that meant. I told her to get off the bus. She ran off and immediately started throwing up on the street with about 30 people watching from Jeepneys... Well then I wasn't really sure what to do. I texted Sister Tobias and her and president immediately came to our rescue and drove us to the doctor. Well, the doctor decided she had an amoeba and so she needed to be hospitalized. Yeah, so I went back to the hospital. Just not for me! Woohoo!!! So we spent Saturday afternoon until this morning (monday) in the hospital. Not the best place in the world, but her room was way better than mine last time, so that was nice. And of course we love each other, so we had fun too. Although telling jokes to a patient with stomach problems was not the smartest idea... hahaha. So now we are free. We were both getting a little stir crazy in there (there weren't any windows). She's on the mend now. Hopefully she just gets better now.

So of course that wasn't the only thing happened to us this week, that would have been too easy! Earlier this week I was taking a shower before bed. I went to turn off the faucet and all of the sudden water started coming out of the wall around the faucet. I ran out to tell Shee and she came in and tried to jiggle the faucet (i'm not sure what she thought she would accomplish, she's not a plumber.. :D) and then it just got worse. I was texting elders like mad trying to figure out what to do. There was a lot of water coming out fast. Well finally we found the main valve and got the water turned off. So then we had a broken bathroom. Luckily the caretaker of our house is on top of things and so they had a plumber over there the next day. All the houses are made of cement here, so to expose the pipes is a big job. So they just rigged this outside plumbing until they can really get in to get the job done. It works. You're standards tend to get lower when you're in the Philippines. I mean, I've been using a bucket to shower my whole mission, a few exposed pipes are nothing. So anyway, the APs came to look at the house. They think we have a big mold problem, like in the walls. I've been worried about that too and so was President, especially because everyone that comes to Victorias gets sick ALL the time. So we may have to start looking for a new house. It's a bummer because we LOVE our house, it's huge and nice, but if it's slowly killing us all, we may need a new place.

So yeah, that was our week. We didn't really get to do any work this week because of sickness and then hospital time. I'm a bit stressed about our area, but I know Heavenly Father is in charge and he will help us in the way that we need. I just need to trust that. He knows what's going on better than I do. Hopefully my companion just continues to get healthy and then we will just go out and bust our butts for the rest of the transfer. So please pray for us both that we will both stay healthy and find lots of new, quality investigators. We need all the help we can get.

I love you all, write me if you get a chance!!!

Sister Jackson


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