Okay, so that is the name of the local festival here and this morning, since it was P-day we got to go and watch the street dancing competition which was AMAZING!!! Seriously, it was so colorful and fun and awesome. I felt a little bit like I was in Mexico, but they just have that influence here. It was so much fun. We met up with Jeanette, our recent convert and her daughter and they watched with us. It was a blast. I am attaching pictures of the awesomeness.

So in the best news. BAPTISMS!!!! We had 2 on Saturday. Jeanette's daughter, Michelle and her friend, Grace. They are awesome. As soon as her mom was baptized she became interested in hearing us, and so was her friend. They became members instantly. They made friends with the YW, they participate in all of the activities. They are just awesome, awesome, girls. So we were pretty excited about their baptisms on Saturday. It was probably the best baptism I've had too. Everyone was there early, not just on time, but early. People were dressed appropriately. Pretty much the whole of the YW and the YW president were there. Michelle's whole family was there and Grace's dad even
showed up, late, but he showed up! It was awesome.

So we had some great experiences teaching this week. We contacted a less active who hasn't been to church in a long time. We actually got to teach her twice this week. Her husband just died in October so of course we talked to her about the Plan of Salvation again. She is smart and she remembers a lot. She cried when we taught her. Unfortunately she didn't come to church on Sunday, but we got a new investigator out of her 34 year old son, so that's promising. We're making progress. In fact, Sunday was awesome. We had 5 LA at church and a whole LA family. It was awesome. Despite all the stuff that is difficult, the Lord still sends those tender mercies. Thank goodness!

Well that's about it for this week. Things are great, I love you ALL!!!

Sister Jackson


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