Happy Easter!!!

Well for all of you I think that is still the last few hours of Easter, so Happy Easter. I am sure that Easter for all of you was a great, spiritual, day. Here in the Philippines things are a little different. There's really no Easter Bunny and instead of egg hunts they crucify someone and all have a parade where they scourge themselves... yeah, they are a little zealous here. I didn't actually see any of this, but I have seen pictures and video. It's pretty intense. So I hope that you all had a great day! :)

Well this week was interesting. First of all thank you all again for the birthday wishes. My birthday was great. My companion and I came home from our shopping last monday to find an awesome surprise birthday dinner for me from the other sisters. There was spaghetti and lumpia and it was delicious. I was very grateful for them and for their love. They are great. I love the sisters in my house, which is a bit of a change. They are all super sweet and awesome. I also love my companion. She is tiny, but powerful and sweet and hilarious and we have a good time.

So this week was hard. In fact, one of the hardest of my mission. I got sick. Really sick. Not quite "i had to go to the hospital" sick, but pretty sick. I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis (yes, I am still sick now). But since I'm in the Philippines, medical care doesn't quite work the same way. I have to go through my mission president's wife for everything. She's great. But for some reason, I still haven't seen a doctor. Instead she just contacted our area doctor, who is in Manila, and had just prescribed me antibiotics via text message (yeah, you don't need a prescription here). So it was a hard week. I wasn't able to go out and work and instead had to stay inside with a horrible cough and could hardly breathe. Don't everyone freak out or anything, I'm starting to get better, I think. Things are okay, it was a bit discouraging, but things are still great. We had investigators at church and recent converts, even though we didn't get to visit them. I am still seeing blessings. I thankfully have a really patient and loving companion and so I'm okay, really. But it was hard not being able to get out there. I think that maybe I am dealing with a weak immune system. We've also had crazy weather and so I think that didn't help. And I was just trying to work through what I thought was just a cold and I think that was probably stupid... But that's okay, I have medicine now and I am sure I am on the mend. But I would still appreciate any prayers my way! :)

Well that's about all I have for this week. It's a bit of a downer, I know, but that's okay. Not every week is perfect on the mission... believe it or not. :) Love you all, hope you are all doing great!

Sister J


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