Victorias! Victorias! Victorias!

So the big news for this week is... I'm staying in Victorias! I won't lie and say that I was WAY relieved by that. I DID NOT want to transfer. I love this place so much. I love the people, the ward, everything and I was not ready to leave. Thankfully President, in his wisdom allowed me to stay. Woohoo!!! I'm staying with my companion as well so we get another transfer together to have fun and hopefully strengthen this area. So needless to say, I am WAY excited about that.

In other news, this week was fairly uneventful. We are kind of struggling here because we have like 3 investigators and we haven't been able to find any new ones. We're praying, we fasted and we are hoping and trying to have faith that Heavenly Father will help lead us to where we need to be. So now comes the test, of course. It's hard but we have some good plans. We decided that we would start teaching an English class to find new investigators. They have classes here but they are all WAY expensive, so we are going to of course offer this for free. I know my grandparents had a TON of success doing this on their missions, so we are going to try it out, see how it goes. We're trying to get creative. Any other good ideas? Any helpful ideas for teaching English as a second language... Woohoo! Adventures!

Well we are having some good success especially with the daughter of our recent convert Jeannett. Her name is Grace and she is way smart. We are also teaching her friend, who is also named Grace. There aren't a lot of variety of names here. I think I've met about 30 Graces on my mission. But they are way excited for their baptisms on March 19th. They made friends INSTANTLY at church and they are participating in the Jubilee dance practices and they are having a blast. It's awesome. They really just fell into our laps perfectly prepared and ready. It's been a huge blessing and a great miracle.

So that's really about it. But I am attaching pictures in this email, and we all know that you all care more about pictures than you do about anything else anyway. HAHAHA! Enjoy! I miss/love you all!

Sister Jackson

1-9. These are all from our awesome trip to a golf course where we got lost trying to find some less actives... yeah, it was awesome. and beautiful
10. Sis. Tambs and I in front of this awesome sign...
11.Our Bishop's grandkids... I love them!
12. Johnray and Kurt... cute!
13. Me and a tiny puppy! It fell asleep in my arms instantly...
14. Jeanette's Baptism!
15. Johnray's Baptism!
16. Johnray and Miemie (his uncle and the baptizer)



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