baptism.... again!

So it was a great week. Of course we had another baptism! This was definitely one of my favorites. Well, I guess they all are, but this was for Johnray. And after all of the stuff we had to go through with him, seeing him in that font was probably the happiest thing in the world. He was SOOO excited and he was so ready. It was a great baptism. We started late, but people were there, we had plenty of priesthood, the spirit was strong, it was great. And then after he went with all the youth and single adults to Cadiz (that's where the stake center is) to practice for the Jubilee which will have in May. It was a great day.

So unfortunately they decided to change some things around so I do not know if I am transferring yet. I'm way bummed because this means that if I am transferring that I will hardly get any time to say goodbye to people before I have to leave. I don't like it. So I'm really hoping that I'm not leaving yet. I have too much to do here and I am not ready to leave these people yet. This place and the people are just too special to me. Seriously, I am amazed every day by our investigators, recent converts. They are all SO solid and even if there aren't a ton, they're all elect. It's awesome.

Well I hate to say this, but I just don't have too much more to write. I know there are things I want to write, but I just can't think and I don't have a lot of time. Sorry everyone. But I'm doing great, I really hope I don't transfer and I am just loving my mission all the time. Hope you're all doing great!

Sister Jackson


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