Well I think it's week 4. To be perfectly honest, I can't even remember what day it is. I know it's Monday, because that's P-Day. Is it the 9th? I think so. Hahaha, the days just all run together. I can't remember one week from the next.

So this week was mostly uneventful. We had some great storms which made gym time a lot more fun and exciting. I've been sick for about a week and I thought it was gone and then it just got worse again. But I got a blessing from some elders in my district and zone and that's helped a lot. It's amazing what faith and prayer will do. It's amazing. I got to give a talk yesterday (I say got to, because we all have to prepare talks and then we get called on in Sacrament meeting... awesome). It was actually a good experience, it was about faith and that is an especially prevalent topic for me lately. The Lord always knows best. And for that I am glad.

So this Friday our district goes completely Tagalog. I can honestly say I don't feel ready at all, but oh well, we have to move forward and honestly forcing us into it is the best thing anyway. I learn better when I have to speak it. I understand it pretty well now, but speaking it is a beast. It's just such a weird language. For instance, the word for faith is Pananampalataya. Yeah... most the words are like that. Like 18 syllables. The Preach My Gospel is like 40 pages longer sa Tagalog. It's crazy.

So I'm doing really well. Besides being sick, I've had a lot of great experiences that have stretched me. I love my companion and we have had some intense growing experiences in the last couple of weeks, but they have been really good for us. I'm really grateful to her for what she teaches me. She has a very powerful personal testimony and she is so eager to learn more about the gospel so she can be a good teacher. It's been really inspiring for me to watch as she learns more and experiences more.

Well, the Lord is just loving me all the time. I feel it every minute of everyday. I am so grateful to be here, to be learning. I want to get out and into the field, but I know that this part is really important. So I'm learning to be patient. Woot!

Well I love you all!!

Sister Jackson

P.S. Conner, if you read this. I appreciate the walk quickly and with purpose principle much more now that I have a companion that is slow. :)
P.P.S. For those of you who know him... I have an elder in my zone who sounds EXACTLY like David Grant. It is uncanny. He even has the same sense of humor and mannerisms... weird.


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