Oh my goodness, I really can't believe that it is already my P-Day again. It is crazy. There are 3 districts leaving today from our two Tagalog zones which means that we are the senior district in our zone now. That is crazy. Three weeks from today I am getting on a plane and heading to the Philippines!!!! I seriously cannot believe it. It freaks me out pretty much every day, but now I am starting to get really excited. The closer we get, the more stories our teachers tell us about it and although there are some things I'm not looking forward to (falling in the mud, freaking huge spiders, etc), mostly I am just totally stoked. I can't imagine that my Tagalog will EVER be good enough for me to teach anyone anything other than my name (Ako po si Sister Jackson), but everyone assures me I won't leave fluent no matter how hard I study, so I should just not stress too much about it. But I still work hard at the language because as most of you know, I like to talk. Well when you can't speak the language, talking is difficult. So needless to say, I am motivated. Haha!

This last week was pretty difficult. It was just one of those weeks. Nothing seemed to go right, the elders were driving me CRAZY! Our regular teachers were all out of town so we had lots of subs. It was just hard. I had one day in particular where I just felt like garbage, but have no fear, I am not quitter! And so I just pushed on, prayed my heart and brains out and after going to the temple this morning, I am feeling WAY better. The MTC just has the best kinds of medicine for a discouraged heart, if you look hard enough.

Other than that, life here is pretty great. Being the coordinating sister is fun, I'm getting to know all the sisters better and i LOVE them. They are all awesome. This week we are getting 20 new missionaries and 4 of them are sisters! Seriously, it is awesome to have so many. We will have 10 sisters in our zone. That is crazy, when I got here there were only 5. It's nice. When the elders are out of control, there are always women to keep you sane!

Well, I know it's short, but there's just not too much to report this week. I will share one spiritual thought. I was studying in PMG about teaching people so they can understand and I was going through the scriptures and came across 2 Nephi 31:3. It talks about how the Lord taught to people's understanding and in their own LANGUAGE! So basically, if the Lord were teaching the Filipino people, he would speak to them in Tagalog. And that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm a tool in the Lord's hand and I'm trying to help them know Him. So that's why I have to learn Tagalog. They will come closer to Christ so much faster and with more faith if they hear it in their own language. It was a good boost for when I feel discouraged with the langauge, which happens often.

So anyway, that's my week. I love being a missionary. Keep me posted on all of your lives!

Mahal kita!

Sister Jackson


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