Kumusta Friends and Family!!!!

First of all, you all fail at writing me. Expect for Danielle and Andrea. Even my family is failing at writing life!!! I don’t think you understand that I thrive on mail! It’s the only communication I have! Also, packages would be much appreciated – snacks, fun stuff, etc. Actually, could someone send me some peanut butter cups? My comp has never had any, we need to change that. I am stuck here for 9 weeks people, I NEED some lovin! If you struggle to write actual letters, then use and abuse DearElder.com. It’s free to the MTC and it’s as easy as writing an email. So basically there are no excuses for not writing me – REPENT and change your ways. WRITE ME!!!!

So I’m not about 2 weeks in. It seems like its flying by when I look back, but the days are still pretty long. It’s true they say: the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. But I’m loving it! The language is difficult but it is coming. It’s just not really like anything I’ve ever experienced, so it’s hard to always make sense of it, but I’m working on it!

My district is CRAZY! The elders are mostly ridiculous – but hilarious – all the time. WE got a lecture about leaving Babylon behind (the elders were quoting movie lines all the time) so now anytime anyone steps a toe in that direction, everyone yells: BABYLON!!! really loudly. They’re 19. I just have to remind myself of that. But there are some good to them as well. :) I have a few favorites, which I’m sure I shouldn’t, but they are the ones I would actually want to serve with in the field. Good thing I will be!

I feel like I’ve settled into MTC life well. I love routine, so I’m loving the MTC – despite the fact that they feed us weird food ALL day. I’ve had some great experiences that keep me motivated and away from discouragement. We did a teaching appointment (these are role-playing by the way) and my companion and I started out by talking about families. The guy had a baby daughter and was just totally in love with her. WE spend the whole lesson talking about how the gospel blesses families, we really felt prompted to just stay on that topic. We both taught together well and both felt pretty good about it. Then, when we were done, he dropped character and told us that it was inspired that we were there. He had been in a motorcycle accident and was still on disability, so the TRC was really all he had to do that brought him some sense of accomplishment. I got the feeling that he was kind of down a lot. He told us that what we taught on was exactly what he needed to hear. It was AMAZING! And it wasn’t even us, it was totally the spirit. I felt so humbled. We taught to his needs and it made ALL the difference. This work is truly inspired and I am SO grateful I am here.

Well that’s about it for now. But before I go,




Sister Jackson


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