Dear Family and Friends,

Kumusta from the MTC! My P-Days aren't until Mondays, so it's almost been a whole week since I was kicked to the curb and sent on my merry way. It's hard to believe its only been 5 days since. They waste no time here in assimilating you right into MTC life. I can already greet, pray, and bear testimony in Tagalog. I can't say it's very good, but I can do it!

So, just some news. My companion is great. Her name is Sister Vaipulu. She's Tongan and from New Zealand. She's never been to the states before so it's been fun watching the culture shock set it in. I think there's a lot about the whole missionary experience that is really new for her, so we've had to learn a lot from each other. Sometimes it's hard and frustrating but I am learning great patience! And we all know how much I love that! :)

Our district started out kind of rocky, but apparently most of them do. Now the elders are opening up and I"m remembering what 19 year-old boys are like. But it's been really fun. There are 8 elders and just the 2 of us sisters. We're all going to the Philippines. 7 to Bacolod and 3 to another mission.

Adjusting to MTC life has been fun. Luckily the schedule isn't something too foreign to me, so that hasn't been to hard. My body, however, did not like the food I was putting in it. For the first 3 days I had MAJOR stomach problems, but now I'm getting used to it and so things are much better. We spend most of each day in class... or eating. We eat a lot here. Yesterday was my 1st Sunday and was the best day ever. I've always loved Sundays, but this was just kakatua (that means fantastic).

So here are some things I've learned in my short time at the MTC: 1) The Lord LOVES missionaries, I know it, I feel it, I see it everyday and I am so grateful for that. 2) Obedience = blessings. ALWAYS. Period. 3) The MTC is a great patience builder. 4) I am too tall and too awkward for bunk beds, especially the top bunk. 5) Raisin Bran is the only safe breakfast food. 6) Sand gets hot in the sun... and then so do my feet. 7) Elders are weird. But I love them. 8) Modesty doesn't count in the bathrooms as witnessed by the less than adequate shower curtains. 9) 6 Girls and 18 bags CAN fit into a 10ft x 20ft space. 10) I've forgotten what it's like to be alone. :)

So life is great, the MTC is great, the gospel is true and I love the Lord!

Sister Jackson


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