sorry its a short one!

Well this week there is just not that much to say. Not every week can be an exciting one. We did find out on Monday that our golden family, the Veranas, had a problem they hadn't told us about. They are ACTIVE leadership in the "Couples for Christ" group which is a part of the Catholic church. That threw us a little bit. But we had made this plan for this lesson about faith and it turned out to be EXACTLY what they needed. It was great. And then our other lessons with them were about agency and making sacrifices. Eventually Brother told us that he know it's true, they just need some time to try and work things out with their family and with their church. It's going to be hard on them, but they know they need to do it. They are very faithful people. They also promised to rearrange their schedule with their other church group so that they could come to church with us. We were pretty excited about that. That is the most proactive I have seen them about church. It's the most proactive I've seen most of my investigators about finding a way to come to church. They are wonderful examples to me.

Well I am loving San Carlos. I want to end my mission here. I'm pretty close so that is a possibility. I hope so. It's awesome. I love the people, I love the branch and all the members. It's a great place. Well. I'm afraid that is all from me this week. It's short but there is just not too much to say! Love you all!!

Sister Jackson


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