Life As I Know It

Well I'm sorry about no general email last week. It was a weird day and I just didn't have a lot of time and there really wasn't anything too exciting to report so I just didn't take the time. But I'm repenting now this week.

So this week was full of lots of challenges and also lots of good things as well.

On Tuesday we had district meeting and then I was supposed to have an interview with President Tobias at 3pm. Well the interview turned out to be really long and then President decided to give Sister Sheehan and I training right then about planning. It was awesome. Then he interviewed her and so we didn't end up leaving the office until about 6:30pm. Not the most productive day for the work, but it was a much needed experience with President. I didn't really know what I was going to talk to him about in the interview, but then of course, the Lord knew what I needed and President spent the time really talking about what I can do improve. He was frank with me but in a really loving way. There was no chastisement or anything, but I got the clear message and it was exactly the "pep-talk" I needed for my last 5 months. I was so grateful for it. And then the training he gave us was awesome. We put it into effect this very week and our weekly planning was SO much better. President Tobias really is the most inspired man I've ever met. I am so grateful for such an incredible mission president.

On Wednesday I was totally jazzed to get out and work, to put into action my new goals and resolves. We went out and we were going good, and then we just started getting punted like crazy. We had all these plans and nobody was around, it was POURING rain and we weren't having much success. But I tried to stay positive, this is just missionary work. Well I could tell that something was off with Sister Sheehan but she hadn't said anything. Well then she kind of snapped at me over nothing. So I asked her how she was feeling. She was actually feeling really sick didn't want to tell me about it because I was all excited for the work and she just wasn't feeling it. Well that wasn't going to help us have any success. She was sick and had no energy and felt like she was going to pass out. So we went and got something to eat and got her some water. She still wasn't doing well so we went home. The next day she was pretty sick and slept most of the day. Well, it was a bit difficult for me because I wanted to work, but this is the opposition that comes when you are trying to do what you're supposed to do. I understand the principle of "the blessings come after the trial of your faith". It's not enough to even just go and do, but you have to be able to go and do in spite of many challenges. And that's just how it works. So we both learned some good lessons.

So on Friday we were trying to find some other people and we were doing a lot of asking around to find them. Well we finally found the house of one of our Part-member, unordained, less active situations and actually got in the door. Well it turns out that the missionaries here before had been teaching Brother Robert, who is the son of Brother Roberto (the less active member). So we were excited to get a lot of work out of these people. Well, it turns out that Robert, the son who was only 25 had died just a month ago from an accident. We were shocked. But we knew what we needed to teach about. Sister Merlinda (the mom) came in and listened as well. She is not a member. So we were able to testify to both of them about the Plan of Salvation and how they will be able to see their son again. The spirit was so strong. Sisters heart was open. We are excited to help them progress and they have a lot of other family that all live right there. That was a tender mercy.

So like I said challenges and tender mercies. We have an amazing ward who are really supportive to us and are really eager to help strengthen their unit. That is awesome. There is priesthood leadership and they want to take responsibility. Miracle! So we have great hopes for this area. It's great. So that's about it for this week. I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying August! Love you all!!

Sister Jackson


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