Don't Drink the Water

Well this was a good week for the most part and then had some rocky points.

We had a really good day on Tuesday visiting our investigators and getting lots of work done. It was a great day. On Wednesday the Bevans (our couple missionaries) came to our area with their truck to go with us to our really far areas so we could find out what was going on with some of those people. We also brought our Young Men's President (Miemie) with us as well. It was a lot of asking around and not a whole lot finding people, but we got some good information and we had some great experiences with the Bevans. They are AWESOME. We love them. And I got to translate, that was kind of weird. It was the first time I've really done that. But I was happy to realize that I am capable of translating at least simple things. Happy day! But we had a way good time with them.

That night we went to visit our investigators and teach a few lessons. At our second to the last lesson of the evening we were teaching this older woman, she's a little bit crazy, not like really, but just weird. Anyway, it was kind of hot in her house, but nothing new to us. Well she decided to make us some juice... Well here in the Philippines you cannot drink the tap water. We call it the liquid death... it's not good for you. Well she definitely made us the juice from the tap water... And normally we just say no thanks, but she was SOOOO insistent and actually forced it into my companions mouth, like held up the glass to her lips. So before she could do the same to me, I just took a drink. Well she made us finish the pitcher before we left... Yeah. Not the smartest choice I've ever made, but we didn't really have a choice. So then for the next few days I spent a lot of time in the bathroom. Not the best time of my mission. I'm feeling better now, I think most of the garbage has gotten itself out my intestines, but it was not pleasant. I learned my lesson. I've had unfiltered water here before, but this was from the city and probably the worst and just not good. Sorry stomach!

So I guess that's really all I have to share this week. I know it's not much, but at the moment I am a little preoccupied. We get our transfer announcements today and I still don't know what is going on. So unfortunately you all probably won't know until next week. But since last weeks email was pretty epic, I think I've earned a break. Hahaha. Well I love you all and hope everyone is having an awesome week. Oh and of course: HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!! My companion and I are wearing red, white, and blue in the spirit of things. Not really any celebrating over here in the Philippines. But I'm thinking of my awesome native land! :)

Lots of Love!

Sister Jackson


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