Waterfalls and other such sadja

Okay, so for those of you that don't speak Hiligaynon (and I'm going to guess that's most of you) sadja means fun. So with that little lesson out of the way, I will tell you about my week. So this week was good. We had to do some weeding in our investigator garden this week, which was hard. But on Fast Sunday we fasted about changing our focus to another area and we both feel great about it. The rich and learned live there and that's where President wants us to focus so that we aren't baptizing people that won't just become a financial burden. We've already had some little miracles in finding people out there too which is totally awesome and gives us confidence that that is where we are supposed to be.

So this week was New Year's. It get's totally buang (crazy) here. You can't even imagine. They light off fireworks ALL day, but at night it gets out of control. So we get permission in this mission to watch Disney animated movies that night since we have to be in early and it's so crazy. Drunk people. Fireworks.... bad combo. So we watched Toy Story 3, Mulan 1 and 2, and Bolt. It was great. We ate ourselves sick on Filipino junk food and had a great time all sleeping together in the same room. It was a blast. But exhausting too, because we didn't really sleep well because of all they gahud (loud noise).

Today we had an AWESOME district activity. Our district leader got permission for us to go up to this resort in the bukid (mountains) and go hike and see all these BEAUTIFUL waterfalls. We have an awesome district right now and so it was just a total blast. A lady in our ward organized this whole thing so we had a van and a personal driver. They were awesome to us. We had a great time and all bonded even more. We have great district unity now! I will send pictures next week of all the awesomeness.

Well I wish I could write more, but we are crunched for time tonight and I'm not feeling too well. So next week I will write some more and update a little more about the area and who we are teaching and all that. I love you all and hope everyone enjoyed the New Year! Keep me posted on your lives!

Lots of love,

Sister Jackson


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