Okay so this last week was a rough one. Last week we got a new mission standard from President Tobias. They are high goals, but we knew that if we worked hard we could achieve them. Well, of course Satan is just as aware of our goals as the Lord is and so he was working just as hard as we were. We had one really good day where we got new investigators, taught a lot and found some LA to teach as well. But then every day after that was awful. We got punted everywhere. No one was home, some people just didn't have time, and then we had a few that just didn't really want to talk to us. It was frustrating, to say the least. We didn't know what to do. We just kept trying, but we just kept getting punted. It didn't help that on Sunday was a big boxing match. It was basically like the Superbowl here. It was a ghost town. Everyone was in watching the fight. Even our active ward members. It was a big deal. People told us on Sunday that we would have to reschedule. Then there was the internment for the guy that died last week. Between him and the fight, it was a rough Sunday, we didn't not get a lot accomplished. But we know that if we just show some more faith and diligence the Lord will lead us to the people we need to find, the ones that are prepared. We are just trying to do everything we can to make that happen.

There were a few tender mercies thought, for which I am very grateful. First of all we had a lot of people at church on Sunday. It was Branch Conference so there were bound to be more anyway, but it was good to see so many people at church. The best part was that we had a number of less actives there that we have been working with, including Brother Robles! We were so happy about that. He had told us he probably wouldn't come because he didn't have dress shoes, only sandals. Well there are 2 sets of elders here and one just left, so they had some extra shoes. We took them to him and he wore them on Sunday! We were so glad he was there. The other great thing was thanks to my amazing grandmother. She sent me a few pairs of reading glasses (bad eyesight is a HUGE problem here and obviously a hindrance for reading the Book of Mormon). We had 2 people with this problem, Erwin and Bro. Robles. Well we were able to give them glasses that were perfect for their needs. Hearing Erwin read the scriptures outloud and on his own was one of the sweetest sounds to my ears. And Brother Robles was SO grateful! He just kept reading everything he could while we were there and then he had them clipped onto his shirt on Sunday at church. It was honestly one of the most beautiful things I've seen. Reactivated members is sometimes sweeter than investigators at church because they have already made those covenants. Now the key is to keep them active. Pray for us! :)

Well that's about all for this week. It's short, but it was a difficult week. The work goes on, we are determined to meet the challenge. We will prevail!

Love you all!

Sister Jackson


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