Well hello there family and friends!

Okay, lets get down to brass tacks here. This week was good. We had a couple of days where we didn't get to work much because Sister Stadler was pretty sick, but we did get out there and teach when we could. We even got a new investigator! One of our branch missionaries told us that his sister is finally ready to hear from the missionaries. We have only met with her twice, but she incredibly smart and she is very thoughtful. Our last lesson with her was especially great. The spirit was so strong. We just hope that we can maintain that and that she will really act on what we know she already knows. It's such an amazing thing to see how the gospel effects people. Their whole demeanor changes. It's amazing. I love it. Our other investigators are doing well. We've had some road blocks with the Angelico family. When we taught them about the Word of Wisdom it opened a whole new can of worms that caused us some setbacks, but we are determined. We know they know its true, but they are afraid to act on it. So that's what we are working on now. Our 12 year-old investigator, Ramzel is AWESOME!!! Seriously, we love that kid. He is SO smart. He gets EVERYTHING we teach him, can tell it back to us better than we teach it and he is absolutely hilarious. We are so excited for him. His baptism is on October 30th. This will be my first one. I am way excited!

We had a really hard experience this week. We went to visit one of our less-active families. They came to church one week and then didn't come again. So we went to visit them. They haven't really opened up to us much before, but this time they did. It turns out that their baby girl had a really bad fever not long ago and had to be hospitalized. Now, because of the effects of the fever she has to take some VERY expensive medication to keep her from going blind. It's so sad and this family is so poor. They go 3 days a week without eating. It's heartbreaking. Sister Stadler felt impressed to teach them about fasting. They joked that they do it all the time. It was so sad. So we taught about how fasting with a purpose will help us to receive many blessings, more than we can imagine. They agreed to do it. It amazes me how impoverished these people are. When you teach them, you don't always realize it, and then you hear something like this and it all becomes very real. But we know that the best solution for them is to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we follow his way then we will receive blessings. It's the following part that seems to trip most people up.

Okay, so I do have some epic news. I had my one month mark in the mission field last Friday! Technically I got here a month ago last Wednesday, but we weren't actually in our area until Friday, so that was what we counted. It's crazy! I can't believe it! And to celebrate we made these incredibly nasty brownies in our oven (which we finally figured out how to light, and I almost killed myself doing... ), they tasted like the plastic bag they came in... and not chocolaty at all. Oh well, it was still a fun experience. And also to celebrate... I caved in... and had made... 2 JODY DRESSES!!!! HAHAHAHAH. Okay, some of you will not understand why this is so funny, in fact probably only returned missionaries will get this (Megan and Tiffany, I know you are probably laughing ridiculously right now) But seriously, they are the best things ever. They are light, they dry quickly, which lets be honest is incredibly important in a place where it rains all the time and you sweat, and although they are pretty ugly and shapeless, I don't care. I love them. I plan to get more made. They are WAY cheap and we have a lady who is a member that makes them for us WAY fast. So now I am a true Sister Missionary. I feel like I'm really part of the club now. Pictures of the beauty of the Jodys will follow... :)

Okay, so that's about all to report for now. We have had CRAZY storms here lately with TONS of lightening and thunder. We heard a typhoon was supposed to hit. But we tend to not get the worst parts of it. We just get all the rain and stormy-ness. But let me tell you, I have seen some of the best lightening of my life here. It's awesome. Okay, that's all for this week. I look forward to hearing from all of you. There is nothing to boring for me!

Love you all!!!

Sister Jackson


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